What A Day

Today was a FML kinda day… Between the car completely queening out and overheating on the freeway, the battery going dead and once it did start again it wouldn’t accelerate. Than when I got home I was walking with the dogs the down the stairs apparently missed a stair twisted my ankle and fell on my ass. Thankfully the lawn guys were there to see and hear the whole thing.. Awesome end to the day.. LOL well at least tomorrow can only get better


Veganism= Peace


Veganism= Peace

Vegan LIfe channel on Roku

Just found this channel on Roku! Pretty exciting! 


perfect example of non vegans when vegans tell them about how awful the food industry is and that eating meat is wrong.


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Anonymous said: so why do you care about animals so much? why do you put so much of your life and your resources towards helping them? they'll die eventually anyways--what's your stake in it?


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